Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's New...

I almost have enough births under my belt to be a certified toLabor doula!  This is pretty exciting.
In addition to being a birth doula, I'm expanding my reportoire of trainings.  In October I'll be attending a Childbirth Educator training.  In November I'll be attending a Postpartum Doula training.  This is all big, big, big for me.  This will open up new opportunities for me and for my clients.  
As a Childbirth Educator I'll be able to inform women on birthing choices more indepthly than I can now.  I'll be able to teach, something I love doing, and give women the tools to help their birthing process be a more comfortable one.  As a Postpartum Doula, I'll be available to my doula clients for extended periods after birthing their babies.  I'll also be available to mamas who I was not a doula for. 
I have this dream in my head:  providing personalized childbirth education to doula clients with postpartum care afterwards.  This can provide women with a very personalized experience. 
I can hope and dream, right?

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